Willoughby Productions

Branded Segments to Breaking News 

To drive tune-in, provide promotional opportunities and to create sponsor opportunities, branded segments have proven to be a useful tool. From technology to education to media to segments about realizing the American Dream or expressing outrage at the American condition, these segments have help to diversity programming and create new content opportunities on air and on line. Below the branded segments are examples of breaking news stories from the financial crisis to the Bernie Madoff scandal.

Fighting for the Title

Every week Money for Breakfast pitted two business rivals against each other. Viewers were then asked to go online and vote for the "winner" of the brawl. The victor was then placed in a bracket to decide which was the company could overcome all its business rivals. The 52-week series was turned into a two-hour primetime special 

The Scandal of the century 

When the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme broke it was a stunning story that was front and center on all of cable news. Money for Breakfast was front and center on coverage with live on the sport coverage of his movements from his apartment to his arraignment, interviews with victims to how people could protect themselves from future Madoffs and ponzi schemes. 

Special Guest Panels

on the News of the Day

Introducing an "all-star" panel format into The Closing Bell on CNBC, has presented an opportunity to have market insiders and CNBC reporters mix it up with high-profile business officials who have made their fame far away from Wall Street. Some "all star" panelists have included celebrity chef Bobby Flay, former Super Bowl hero Phil McConkey, Bar Rescue star Jon Taffer and Pawn Stars headliner Rick Harrison.