Here is a "rundown" of what you are seeing above: First, our logo, inspired by a famous scene from the Rod Serling-written "A Stop at Willoughby" episode of "The Twilight Zone." It is followed by a new show out of development and being "shopped" called "Stand Up America" it is a political show mixed with comedy. Or is it a comedy show mixed with politics?

Next is the graphical look for "Playing the Game," a segment developed that featured former NFL stars who now work on Wall Street making stock picks as well as NFL picks. We also played a game with Barack Obama on his way to the presidency. It was a word game which you can see the clip on our politics page. But we also take politics seriously as evidenced by our last shot, when we produced the first ever televised debate for the Libertarian Presidential candidates.

"Breaking Thorough" was our award winning sports magazine series on Lifetime Television.  Meanwhile in between all of programs and segments we have produced town halls such as this one for the OTT service, The Blaze and more than a dozen for MSNBC digital during the "Steel on Wheels" cross country tour, looking for answers to America's problems. We carried that approach to regular segments such as "School Daze" about the high cost of college and "Land of Opportunity: American Dreams."

We've also had our share of fun with the creation of ESPN's "Cold Pizza" which often featured surprises such as Billy Dee Williams -- aka Lando Calrissian of "Star Wars" surrounded by Imperial Storm Troopers. We even had a taste for stories that were "off the wall" or in this case Wall Street where we took a the fun and flip side of business. We can create content like this and more for you at Willoughby Productions.  

We have a whole library of clips from "Cold Pizza" to Lifetime Sports to "Money for Breakfast" to "Steel on Wheels"  to "Closing Bell" on the following pages. Here are a few we've highlighted as some of our favorites:



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