Created in 2003 by Brian Donlon, Willoughby Productions has produced live sporting events, magazine series, morning programs, digital shorts, town hall meetings and cross-country media events for such entities as Lifetime, MSNBC, Fox Business, ESPN, iVillage and Glenn Beck's digital video service, The Blaze. 

In addition, Willoughby's team of producers, writers, 

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development and distribution professionals have experience with some of the biggest brand names in media such as Warner Brothers, NBC, The Samuel Goldwyn Company, CBS, Lifetime and Paramount. And have been involved with some of media's biggest events from the Super Bowl to the Republican and Democratic conventions to live hurricane coverage. Willoughby Productions also has access to an army of some of the most talented and in-demand freelance production and operational professionals in the media business 

And how did we get our name? It's is common question. The short answer is the name was inspired by one of television's most creative forces ever: Rod Serling and the episode of his classic anthology series, "A Stop in Willoughby."  The episode has roots in Connecticut and New York -- as does Willoughby Productions -- involves the media business and a quest for the perfect life. It features a controversial twist -- and that's something we like. Check out the episode here.

Program & Digital development web, long-form, short-form 

Developed for television with accompanying digital shorts and a social media component, The Bo Eason Show, is a talk show for the 21st Century. Hosted by former National Football League star turned playwright/actor turned motivational speaker. Bo Eason is a media personality like no other. For a complete pilot, program bible and sizzle real email us from out Connect page below. 

For Multi-Platform 

Overcomeing the odds to become a hero. It is nearly everyone's fantasy. But for some it is not a fantasy.

Former NFL star Bo Eason knows all about beating the odds as detailed in his critically acclaimed Off-Broadway show, ​Runt of the Litter. In the reality series Heroes & Underdogs, Bo travels the USA to find the dogs who became heroes and to provide expert advise for others to reach their dreams. 

For Cable 

Willoughby Productions



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​On the Road Again . . . .

Location, Location, Location . . .

Left: Before the storm, Anchor Alexis Glick and Executive Producer Brian Donlon discuss coverage; Center: EP Brian Donlon check satellite up link in New Orleas Right: As the hurricane hits Alexis Glick interviews the head of the National Guard

Left: In the eye of the storm Alexis Glick reports from the Upper 9th Ward as the levees begin to overflow Center: The Morning After Anchor Glick and EP Donlon take a coffee break during a commercial break Right: The intrepid Money for Breakfast team covering Hurricane Gustav.

The 30 Million Jobs Tour on MSNBC is underway in Miami Beach with Dylan Ratigan taping a show open from the top of the Mondorian Hotel (left) . Day 2  was on the ground in Miami Beach at the Delano Hotel just steps from the world famous Miami Beach .

Left: The Cold Pizza team with the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders at Super Bowl XXXiX; Center: Cold Pizza executive producer on the phone with the New York studio as Kit Hoover takes a break from interviews during the 2004 Democratic National Convention ​Right; Thea Andrews interview Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in the day after the Detroit Pistons won the 2004 NBA Championship at the "Spirit of Detroit" statue in downtown Detroit 

Abby Borovitz, Rob Lewis and Brian Donlon scout grounds of the state capitol in Austin,Texas (left) and the site survey pays off a few weeks later with the first of three live shows from Austin which iincluded live locations from the Texas State Museum and the LBJ Presidential Library.

Left: Money for Breakfast Executive Producer Brian Donlon and Senior Producer Pippa Bark edit scripts at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans during the 2008 NCTA Convention;; Centet: In Pittsburgh for a headline making one-on-one with MFB ancho4r Alexis Glick and Democratic Presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama Right: On the National Mall for the 2009 Inauguration of President Obama 

Star Wars legend Billy Dee Williams is "escorted" from Cold Pizza green room to the set by Storm Troopers.

​Democratic Presidential hopeful Rep. Dick Gephardt plays Foosball & talks politics on ​Cold Pizza.

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston with ​Cold Pizza's Kit Hoover 

Thea Andrews at The Palace in Auburn Hills for the NBA Finals with ​Cold Pizza NBA Analyst/rocker Bob Seger 

2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. John Edwards shoots hoops with Kit Hoover on Cold Pizza

Cold Pizza 



The "original" Cold Pizza marketing and PR materials including (right) "Team Photo" with Host Jay Crawford, Executive Producer Brian Donlonm correspondent Thea Andrews, co-host Kit Hoover, sideline reporter Zach Liebowitz; (lower right) poster and full page magazine ad for the "morning show with everything" (directly below) the on-air team outside the New York City studio and (bottom left) executive producer Brian Donlon takes a break in near Cold Pizza's "fridge" which also served as an entry to the set.