>>Fun with Weather: Guest weather "experts" were a staple of "Cold Pizza" such as comic Greg Proops.


>> Rocker Jon Bon Jovi talks about his investment into pro football.

>> Sports & Presidential politics crossed at the 2004 political conventions and "Cold Pizza" was there. 

>> High School Controversy with the NRA creating and funding youth gun clubs across the country

Below (left to right),  Legendary boxing promoter Don King joins "Cold Pizza" for an exclusive interview; "Money for Breakfast" goes live to Times Square for its  "How Much Do You Make" feature with the "Naked Cowboy" and Five for Fighting led by John Ondrasik joins "Cold Pizza" with a live performance of "100 Years" and to talk about his love of hockey. 

The wild, wonderful world of morning tv 

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Above: "Cold Pizza" looks at theIraqi Olympic soccer team regroups after torture and war at the Athens games . Bottom, left to right,  "Money for Breakfast  looks at who had more Czars: Russia or the Obama administration; "Cold Pizza" covers Ground Hog's Day with NBA great Darryl Dawkins and "Money for Breakfast" reports on Greyhound's multi-million dollar takeover with co-anchor Peter Barnes behind the wheel of a new bus. 

>> Kathy Ireland from Super Model to Business Titan

>> The Late Night Auto Bailout Vote gets vote by vote coverage 

>> The Business of Bruce Springsteen: E Street band member Nils Lofgren performs and talks about making money on "Thunder Road."

>> Facing Swine Flu Epidemic Fears: government leaders, CEOs and health care experts discuss the economic and human issues.  

In 2004,  in a feature story about ESPN's "Cold Pizza" the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote "a daily TV morning show is like arranging a bric-a-brac shelf during a tornado: News is flying around, and you have to decide what to grab, what to write, how to get the video, which guests will be available when, and where, and how you can get them on camera."

That may have been one of the best descriptions of morning television ever written. And Willoughby lived up to those words during its production of "Cold Pizza" and "Money for Breakfast" with a mix of news, big interviews, musical performances and creative features. Click the photos to watch the videos and the links on the log lines below