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   A wise TV executive once said, "If you can produce morning television, you can produce anything."  It is the one daypart where you need to be versed in all - whether you;re producing CBS' Early Show, creating ESPN's first morning show, Cold Pizza or an alternative with ​Money for Breakfast . For the entire video menu click any photo or individual stories in the menus below 

Money for Breakfast                               

                               Cold Pizza

Top Row:

> Rocker Jon Bon Jovi talks rock 'n' roll and his investment into sports teams

> Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps proves his can swim ANYWHERE on ​Cold Pizza.

​Believe it or not the U.S. had more Czars than Russia as the appointment of these unelected official  became a controversial subject on ​Money for Breakfast. 

Middle Row

 Cold Pizza covered the intersection of sports and politics and covered the 2004 Democratic National Convention and unveiled candidate John Kerry's "sports resume." 

> What would the new year look like in business, politics and beyond? Only The Amazing Kreskin could say on ​Money for Breakfast

​> A salute to the troops and the USO was the only way to usher in the July 4th edition of Money for Breakfast 

Bottom Row

> Highlights from the "original" 1st & 10

The 5th Anniversary of the Columbine School Shooting was met with a sports story that shocked many

> More coverage from the DNC with legendary UNC basketball coach Dean Smith endorsing the Democratic ticket

MONEY FOR BREAKFAST                               

                               COLD PIZZA

Top Row:

 > Politics are a staple of morning television from candidate appearances like Ralph Nader on ​Money for Breakfast  or covering the instersection of sports and politics at the Boston Garden site of the Democratic National Convention 

> The controversial auto bailout during the Great Recession was heavily covered but only one morning show gave viewers every vote cast on the bill by every member of Congress

Middle Row:

 > On Money for Breakfast "brands" was a frequent topic so we created a "branded" segement" Brand X which ranged from NBA superstar Kobe Bryant talking about his business and brand to the re-birth of the iconic Greyhound Bus with co-anchor Peter Barnes Making a "special trip

> When a morning program enters the world of politics, especially one like Cold Pizza with a sports flavor, you have to try different things -- like playing foosball with Democratic Presidential contender Rep. Dick Gephardt. 

Bottom Row  > 

​Going "out of the box" with Kathy Ireland the model turned CEO, a regular feature "How Much Do You Make?" and creating a college championship via video  games played on TV.



Live & In concert....

Live music has become a staple of morning

television and Cold Pizza and Money for Breakfast would offer live music when natural tie-in presented themselves such as St. Patrick's Day with Irish rockers, Gaelic Storm or with Jimmy Buffet's bandmate Mac McAnally was touring in support of Wounded Warriors. Cold Pizza also featured a series of "Unsigned Acts" with one winning a recording contract from Hollywood Records and MFB often examined the business of music (such as with E Street Band member Nils Lofgren and a Springstreen tribute band). Click here for more music